Ten Year Celebration
Sponsor Opportunities:

Underwriter: $10,000

Premier Sponsor: $5,400

Smile Sponsor: $3,600

Friendship Sponsor: $1,800

Senior Sponsor: $1,000 

 All Sponsors receive Event Reservations and Journal Tributes.
*This page will be updated September 1, 2019


Smile On Seniors is a non profit supported only by donations from the community.

Philanthropic and Corporate Annual Sponsorship

Legacy: $25,000
Visionary: $18,000
Diamond: $10,000 

Platinum: $5,400
Gold: $3,600
Silver: $1,800

Corporate and Philanthropic Gifts can be paid out monthly. 

Contact Rabbi Levi at levi@sosaz.org 
or call 602-492-7670.


Smile On Seniors does not receive funding from any central office, and all of its support comes from people like you. 

A crucial element of support for Smile On Seniors' work comes from individuals who commit to a monthly contribution. These monthly donations add up and make a great difference in covering SOS's operational budget.

Your contribution goes directly to benefit Seniors with Jewish programming, events and volunteer visits.

Please consider joining our Chai Club.

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