Downtown Phoenix currently has no kosher food establishments.
The following is a list of the Kosher food establishments around the Greater Phoenix area.


Kitchen 18
p. 480-315-8333

Restaurant located in Scottsdale, on Southeast corner of Scottsdale and Shea.

Imperial Kosher Market & Restaurant
p. 602-285-6999
Kosher market, with a full variety of Kosher foods. Located in Phoenix, on Glendale and 7th Street (across from Safeway).

La Bella Pizza
p. 602-354-7002

Kosher pizza shop. Located in central Phoenix, on 7th St. just north of Maryland Ave.

Manhattan Pizza; Pasta, Subs & Pizza
p. 602-248-8086

Kosher pizza shop with home made pasta dishes, subways sandwiches and salads. Located in central Phoenix, on 7th St. just south of Missouri (on the corner of Colter)
Open for breakfast. They deliver.

Fata Morgana Mediterranean Cuisine
p. 480-687-2243
7116 E Mercer Ln Suite 103, Scottsdale, AZ 85254



Catering options:

Levi catering:

Brads Kitchen:

This list is provided for information only and we do not guarantee the current supervision status of any of the restaurants or stores. Always consult your local Rabbi for questions about the supervision of any establishment.